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We’re radically changing the way
vascular disease is treated

Our Story

Vascular disease isn’t going away. Real people continue to fight the progression and complications that result from PAD. We’ve won many battles but the war goes on and we don’t take our responsibility to create change lightly. As our company ages, many of our ideas have become realities yet we still lie awake at night devising plans to do more. We know many are counting on us to do more. We continue to be an ordinary group of individuals trying to achieve the extraordinary. For this opportunity we remain extremely blessed.


  • John2 John
    John B Simpson PhD MD Executive Chairman
  • Jeff2 Jeff
    Jeffrey M. Soinski Chief Executive Officer
  • Bunty2 Bunty
    Bunty Banerjee Senior Vice President Operations
  • Bart2 Bart
    Bart Beasley Vice President Marketing
  • JJ2 JJ
    Arjun Desai MD Chief Medical Officer
  • Matt2 Matt
    Matt Ferguson Chief Business Officer & Chief Financial Officer
  • Patty2 Patty
    Patty Hevey Vice President Clinical & Regulatory
  • Him2 Him
    Himanshu Patel Chief Technology Officer
  • Phil2 Phil
    Phil Preuss Vice President Strategy & Business
  • JD2 JD
    JD Simpson Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales
  • John Frame 1
    John B Simpson PhD MD Executive Chairman
  • Jeffrey Frame 1
    Jeffrey M. Soinski Chief Executive Officer
  • Donald A Lucas
    Donald A. Lucas Director
  • McElwee
    James B. McElwee Director
  • Cullen
    James G. Cullen Director
  • Fogarty
    Thomas J. Fogarty Director


Join us as we develop powerful new weapons in the fight against Peripheral Artery Disease.


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